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About Kayldan

Born in 2011 with a singular goal – empowering organizations in talent acquisition and development, Kayldan is your global partner in Human Capital. Our expertise spans South Africa, Africa, and European sectors, making us a trusted ally for renowned companies.

As the world recognizes the strategic importance of Human Capital, we stand at the forefront of this transformation. Kayldan's commitment is to bring recognized specialists, not just generalists, to guide your organization through challenging times.

Partnering with forward-thinking companies, Kayldan offers a vast network of consulting professionals with specialised skills, ready to address your unique Human Capital and Talent Acquisition challenges. 
Our focus is on propelling your organization to success through customized solutions.

At Kayldan, your objectives are our mission. Your challenges become growth opportunities. We are your strategic partner in acquiring, nurturing, and developing the talent that propels your organization forward. 

How we create value for our Clients


With over 25 years of proven expertise in Talent Acquisition and HR Consulting, we stand as the obvious choice for companies seeking top talent. Our unique approach proactively uncovers hidden talent to meet your strategic needs, making us more than recruiters – we're growth catalysts committed to propelling your organization's success.


At the heart of our coaching methodology is an unwavering commitment to placing the individual at the center, delving deep into understanding clients' values and motivations, crafting personalized goals, and fostering mutual trust, ensuring a transformative and profoundly tailored coaching journey.

Facilitation and Lumina

Our facilitation approach provides a safe and collaborative space for meaningful dialogue, innovative thinking, and problem-solving, fostering positive change and amplifying your team's unique insights and perspectives.

Leadership Development

Our leadership development philosophy centers on an integrated approach, instilling systemic competence to empower future leaders. 

Board Evaluations

Our dedicated service offering extends to Boards of Directors and committees, delivering external, thorough, and structured Board evaluations fully aligned with King IV principles, providing valuable insights and recommendations to enhance corporate governance and promote ethical leadership.

Change Management

Specialising in change management consulting, Kayldan is dedicated to guiding organizations through the dynamic change landscape, empowering clients to cultivate resilience and agility by offering comprehensive support, from defining strategic purpose to equipping change champions and fostering a more robust and adaptive future.

A few of our Trusted Clients

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