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How to Excel at interviews

Author: Heidi Stayt

Although the interview process can be daunting, preparation is the key to building your confidence and proving that you're the best candidate.

In this article, we share 10 steps on how to excel at the interview process:

  1. Research the company and the industry it operates in. You could look up the panel of interviewers as well. Google and LinkedIn should have some valuable information. If the interviewer has spoken about a topic, do more research and ask questions about this when the company opens the floor for questions later. 

  2. Prepare what questions you might have later. Good ones are: How does this role align with the strategic goals? What challenges could this position help solve?

  3. Prepare for the company's questions, such as Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Tell us about a project you managed and what you learned from it. Tell us about your history.

  4. Be on time or at least 10 minutes early, especially if your interview is via Teams or Zoom. 

  5. Dress well. Make a positive impression by wearing clothes that fit well, are clean, and are appropriate for an interview setting. 

  6. Listen to the questions and answer what was asked. You might like the sound of your voice or find yourself feeling nervous, but try to ground yourself with a breathing practice before the meeting. 

  7. Relax and notice the language your interviewer uses. Use that language to build rapport with your interviewer if you can. 

  8. Make eye contact and be honest. They might ask you a question about a time that you failed, and you might want to evade that question. Still, please give an honest answer, as the interviewer might test your ability to be held accountable for mistakes everyone inevitably makes.

  9.  Stay Curious in the interview about a subject or a project, the company, and the interviewers. 

  10. If the company asks you to complete a case study at home, please do so promptly. What impression would you be creating if you missed the deadline or asked for an extension? 

Be open to feedback following the interview and accept the feedback gracefully, even when it is not desired news. 

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