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Kevin, the Kayldan mascot and a magnificent guineafowl, is a shining example of leadership. His role as the leader of a flock of 17 guineafowl is not merely symbolic; it demonstrates his exceptional leadership qualities. 

He initiates the daily feeding routine by approaching me each morning, ensuring the flock's sustenance. 

What truly sets Kevin apart as a great leader is his patience, as he waits for all members of the flock to be nourished before partaking himself. His inclusive and attentive approach to leadership fosters unity and well-being among his avian companions.

Indeed, we should pay attention to good leaders, even in the most unexpected places like the avian world. Leadership isn't confined to human contexts; it transcends species and domains. 

Observing leaders like Kevin reminds us that leadership qualities, such as responsibility, patience, and care for those under one's guidance, are universal and can inspire and guide us in our endeavours. 

In the office or the natural world, recognizing and appreciating great leaders can offer valuable insights into effective leadership and help us become better leaders in our spheres of influence.

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